A downloadable game for Windows

In this most delicious 2D, top down game, the player has a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in a pixelated world where they can control and modify their very own car! Whoa, crazy! The challenge? Simply, the deer. Now, in these most rigorous parts, the deer are unfortunately sick in the head, which is very unfortunate if you’re a Michigan driver. Sorry little Michigan driver, the deer don’t care if they are hit, in fact, there's a parasite wedged in their frumpy herbivore brains, but that’s a lot of science nonsense that doesn’t matter and won’t keep you alive. All you need to know is that your blue car, ole reliable, is the only thing standing between you and the killer deer of Michigan. Goodluck Sunshine, and welcome to Roadkill Rampage.


WASD or Arrow keys to drive

Spacebar to shoot


3 different levels more challenging than the pervious 

Weapon upgrades such as laser gun, mini gun and lets not forget a grandma with a shotgun!


David Yuhaus

Jaidyn McDougal

Elaina Teusch

Isaac Cantrell



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